Your workshops presented for our Agricultural Speaking Series are always world-class! Every time we bring you to our regions across Canada, the response is overwhelmingly positive. Your honest approach and candor with clients is a breath of fresh air in dealing with a difficult subject for many farm families.”
– Thomas Svanes, Sr. Account Manager, RBC Royal Bank Commercial Services


There’s no snoozing during Jolene’s workshops! Her energy, engaging delivery, relevant content, and take-home solutions are infused with interaction and real-life stories.

Topics include family business, advocacy, and work-life balance. Attendees leave eager to improve themselves, their businesses, and the ag industry.


  • NEW! “Why do we have to meet? We see each other every day!” - The Power of Positive Family Business Meetings TM

    From legally required annual meetings to morning huddles, there’s real power, productive actions, and positive results when meetings are done correctly. In this insightful presentation, your business team will learn to plan and lead from an agenda, understand the need to check your business structure documents for compliance, receive a list of common agenda items of an annual meeting, and learn the purpose and plan behind monthly management meetings and brief morning huddles. 

  • Farmer Brown on Family BusinessTM

    Jolene's been called agriculture's version of Dr. Phil. Her 30+ years of working with farm families have taught her valuable lessons of what works…and what doesn't. In this insightful and fun-filled session, she’ll address the most frequently asked family business questions and share five behaviors of successful legacy businesses. You will learn that it requires intentional work to make a good family business even better!

  • The Top 10 Mistakes That Break Up a Family Business!TM

    You can prevent many daily aggravations and family business catastrophes if you pay attention and learn from the mistakes of others. This workshop is packed with real life examples and valuable take-home tools.

  • The Positives of Passing It OnTM

    This upbeat, interactive workshop taps into lessons from successful legacy business leaders and managers. Attendees will learn how to honor their family while building and transitioning their business to the next generation.

  • If We Huff and Puff, Will We Blow Your House Down?TM

    Family businesses need to take a cue from the third Little Pig and build a solid foundation, brick by brick. As the carpenter of your family business, you receive the “bricks” needed to withstand the “wolves” of challenges and surprises that are knocking at your family business door.

  • The Balancing Act: 10 Ideas to Relieve Stress and Bring Renewal to Our Farm and Family LifeTM

    We balance soil fertility, feed rations, and our checkbooks — but we overwork, overwhelm, and overload ourselves. It’s time to bring renewal and balance to our work and family lives with valuable content, real-life examples, and a whole lot of fun.

  • Tough Questions in Tough SituationsTM

    What do you say to tough questions from John Q. Public, the media, government officials, and skeptical urban friends? In this participatory session, you’ll learn how to “set the stage” and use questions — even tough ones — to share your key messages as a champion of the agriculture industry.

  • Through the Eyes of a CustomerTM

    In this fun-filled workshop, you’ll take a look at your service through your customer’s eyes. You’ll figure out how to keep them… and why they go. You’ll discover that exceeding expectations and meeting today’s needs create loyalty and increase your value.

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A walking/talking champion for the people of agriculture, she shares her credibility, authenticity, humor, and wisdom with audiences worldwide through her writing, keynotes, and workshops. More about Jolene →




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